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  • Integrity we are a real company with amazing exotic cars and professional employees. Most importantly, we own and maintain every vehicle in our rental fleets in Montreal & Ottawa. Unless explicitly stated, we do not rent cars on behalf of private owners or "swap" with other rental companies. This ensures the best rental experience for our clientele.Legitimacy - We are fully licensed, insured, and professional.

  • At MTL Exotic Cars, we do not lie to our insurance company or hide the fact that we're an exotic vehicle rental company. It costs us a ton, but it means we'll be around for the long haul. We adhere to the industries rental requirements in order to provide the best and safest rental atmosphere. 

  • Honest we run an honest and ethical business. We deeply value our great reputation and the satisfaction of every one of our clients, and we'll work to no end to uphold that. Each client is unique and valued. We provide exceptional service to ensure that you will be reserving an exotic car the next time you are in the Montreal area.

  • Reliability - At Montreal Exotic Cars, we operate only our own vehicles and manage our own deliveries. You will never have to worry about whether your exotic car rental will be delivered on time. We are a dependable and professional company, working constantly to improve our services.

  • Variety- Our vehicles are available for a wide variety of uses, including personal rental, gift rentals, prop cars, charity auctions, and corporate rental. If you have a specific need for our luxury cars, please contact our Montreal exotic car rental experts to learn about our many options.

  • Renter benefits include:Delivery and pick-up of your perfectly-detailed exotic rental vehicle. We understand that our clients require different services, from office or airport pick up, to your home or hotel. Please contact us to ensure that your luxury car experience will be the best possible.Personalized one-on-one instruction on your vehicle's features by our trained staff. Feel confident when driving our vehicles. We will be able to provide you with expert advice on the handling and luxury amenities.Free parking for your own car for the duration of your rental if you choose to pick-up the vehicle at our office. Forget about relying on a random parking garage for your basic vehicle. Should you decide to meet us at the MTL office, you can feel safe about leaving your car in our complimentary parking area.24/7 Roadside Assistance including towing, lockouts, jump-starts, and fuel-delivery. Drive without worries in our fully insured vehicles.No refueling requirement , we deliver it with a full tank of fuel. You may return it full, empty, or anywhere in-between (With purchase of  Gold fuel plan).Customized music selection, with our luxury music systems. Please tell us your favorite driving music, and we'll load the 6-CD changer with your choice of music from our collection of nearly 15,000 albums. Enjoy your vehicle to its fullest while driving through the Montreal and Ottawa areas, listening to your favorite tunes.Consider offering our Montreal exotic rental cars as a gift. A weekend in one of our supercars makes a wonderful treat for a special person. We'll work with you to ensure that your wedding, anniversary, birthday, or retirement present is the most fun and exciting ever.We're experts at surprise gifts too! We will make sure that your friend or loved one has no idea what's in store (until a bright red sports cars shows up in the driveway, of course).We offer a different take on Montreal exotic car rentals.If you are in town for business why settle for the usual rental cars that you rent throughout Montreal and Ottawa? Our car rental helps you feel empowered while you conduct your business. Go on; treat yourself by booking one of our exotics, after all you deserve it. 

Looking for confort we carry the ultimate confort in luxury sedans ,Mercedes, BMW ,Audi,Lexus and many more.


Sports cars from the mini coopers to the high end Porsches we have the sports car that will impress the driver of any age.


​Montreal exotic cars luxury car rental in Montreal,look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest rental team in the Montreal and Ottawa area. 

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We have the latest trend in luxury SUV from 4 passenger SUVs to 8 passengers


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